Women at the Cross

 October 25-27, 2013
Dallas, Texas

Women at the Cross is a weekend retreat designed for those who are longing to walk in the fullness of who they are as women created in the image of Christ.  The retreat offers opportunities for women to become more present to who they are, to connect with other women and ultimately, to connect more intimately with God.  Through a series of short teachings and interactive experiences women are drawn into an awareness of their deepest longings and what might be blocking their fulfillment. Where do we discover our true identities?  By what means can we enter into a life of freedom where we are centered in God and rooted in love and power?  The answer: At the foot of the Cross of Jesus.  At the Cross, we find grace to forgive others and receive forgiveness.  At the Cross, we are established in love.  Love that overcomes our fears.  At the Cross, the image of God within is renewed and we are liberated to be the people that God has called us to be.

The weekend is led by our friends and allies from The Cross Ministry Group along with a team of women dedicated to serving other women on their journey of transformation and renewal. This retreat is for women who are looking for a unique experience rooted in the Scriptures, creative in nature and encouraging to the soul.

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